Monday, October 1, 2007

84 Days

It was just a typical day today. I got the girls up for school, we scooted out of the door with just a few minutes to spare, and I had everything in the car that we needed---kids' lunches and backpacks, rain jackets, my gym bag and yoga mat. Just a normal day.

After I drop off the kids, I head to the gym. Just like I always do. I walk up to the door just like any other day and scan my pass in front of the little scanner. The young, buff woman behind the counter looks up at me, looks back at the computer screen, and then back at me and says, "84 days."

"What's that?" I ask.

"It's been 84 days since you were last at the gym."



I guess that's right. It's been about 84 days. I mean, approximately, if you want to be precise and all. I knew it had been awhile. Actually, I admit I didn't really go over the summer and it's been hard to get back into the groove since school has started again. But eighty-four days?

84 days. It sounds so much worse when you say it like that. Why'd she have to go and say it like that?

Oh well. Guess I'll be getting my butt to the gym again tomorrow. That way, maybe that ridiculously buff woman will say to me, "You were just here yesterday."


Mary Alice said...

Wow. You should have calmly knocked back a swig of bottle water and said,
"Really 84 days? Well, phew, at least I haven't missed a single day of washing the skid marks from my families underwear. Can you imagine what 84 days would do to THAT?" and then slowly shasha your way to the yoga room.
What kind of guilt tactic is that? I would resign my membership, immediately and go for a walk outside where at least the birds are civil.

Crystal said...

Think of all you accomplished in those 84 days while you weren't slaving away at the gym. :)

Jenny from Chicago said...

I agree with Mary Alice. Of course I would have calmly knocked her back with my bottled water...but you are probably more civil than I am. Don't let the guilt work on you. Who cares what she thinks (she thinks that buff bod looks good -- we know better)