Friday, September 28, 2007

Philanthropy Thursday

Our girls have been sharing a room since J was born five and a half years ago. We finally decided it was time for each of them to have their own rooms. They have been asking for a while, especially O, our oldest. We agreed that our introverted girl, who now spends long days at school engaged in extroverted activities, and who comes home to an entirely extroverted family, needed some private space to recharge.

So last Saturday, I tackled the project myself while my hubby was at work. I really didn't think it would be that complicated. I just needed to move a king sized bed, plus end table, lamps, towels, sheets and blankets out of the guest room. Then I needed to remove a huge cabinet, a wood butcher block table, bookshelves plus books, stools, and a gazillion totes of craft materials out of my study/craft room. Should have been easy, yes?

Then, of course, I had to not only relocate everything from the girls' room into their two new rooms, but also had to divide up everything they have been mostly sharing for the last 5 and a half years---train table, small table and chairs, mini-kitchen, 4 sets of book/toy shelves, 2 twin beds, 2 canopies, a gazillion toys and games, even more stuffed animals and blankets and doll clothes, plus 2 dressers and tons of clothes hanging in their closets. Piece of cake!

It took FOREVER. Absolutely forever. Three full days, actually. My kids were blue in the face by the end. They wanted to kill me every time I said, "Okay, time to sit down and divide up the [insert category, something like "dress-up clothes"]. In the process, however, I got to sort through all of their stuff like you can only do when you move. I filled only 2 white kitchen sized bags full of trash, but I filled 3 huge, contractor-sized, black garbage bags full of stuff to donate to charity.

Yesterday, I dropped it all off at Goodwill. We are feeling much lighter around here!

Just hope for me that we don't have one of those huge meltdowns a month or so from now when one of the girls realizes that something absolutely essential to her existence is missing.

I'm sure they'll both forget all about those precious toys, right?


Mary Alice said...

They WILL forget. Funny thing, every time we move, some stuff never makes it to the next house. How weird is that? Anyway, for the most part no one has ever noticed!

moosh in indy. said...

They'll forget about it.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

My standard response to "Where is xxxxx??" is "It must be around here somewhere!". They'll spend .00002 seconds looking for it, and then they forget completely!