Thursday, September 20, 2007

Philanthropy Thursday

Okay, okay, okay, I know I missed it again! What is it today? Friday? Maybe it's still Thursday night as I write this. Yes! I think it is. Whew!

Again, I got caught up in my own selfish existence. Did I get a chance to sit down with my daughter today and discuss what cause she'd like to support? Did I ask either of my daughters what good deeds they might like to perform today?

No, I did not. I wish I could claim that it was because I am a slacker. Oh, those wonderful slacker moms. The enviable slackers. What I wouldn't give to be a slacker. Sigh.

But let's see.....I did donate $25 today to partly because I'm just in a pissy mood. I'm sick and tired of the politics in our country. I'm sick and tired of the fact that our troops are not yet home and I'm absolutely sick and tired of people like Bill Maher---someone who has the audacity to compare public breastfeeding to public masturbation, someone who I thought was on our side, someone who I enjoy watching, turn out to be a misogynist pig. I can't stand it and I'm sick and f-ing tired! (sorry to Mary Alice---really, I love that word---maybe I should have said "I'm sick and ferociously tired?")

Okay, so 25 bucks isn't enough. I know it's disgustingly not enough. I get it. But I'm in such a pissy mood that I have no idea whether or not this money will go to the "right place." Should I really have donated more than that?

Then I spend half the day (or so it seems) on the phone with my BIL who just had a restraining order placed on him by his ex-girlfriend. Oh my stars. The details would put you in your grave.

Then my poor hubby, my awesome, thoughtful and sensitive hubby has a horrible day at work. And that topic absolutely deserves it's own post.

And y'all wonder why I'm in such a pissy mood? Maybe I'll have an epiphany at 2AM. If I do, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be up writing about it.


Mary Alice said...

Some days do make us sick and ferociously tired. I understand.

Jen M. said...

Honey, I'm dropping by today with a glass of wine.