Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Season for Strength and Courage

Today is the autumnal equinox. As we begin these first days of autumn, I must say that my kids go to the most awesome school. A school that celebrates all that is beautiful in the world.

Next week begins the season of St. Michaelmas. Our principle had this to say about the time of year we are entering---

"Michaelmas is not just a day; it is a season that extends from September 29, the Feast of Knight Michael, to October 31, All Hallows Eve. It is a time for celebrating deeds of strength and courage by facing challenges, symbolically dragons, both external and internal. It is a time for harvest, a time for work, a time for storing away that which we need for the cold dark months to come. Michaelmas is celebrated at our school through storytelling, puppetry and skits. It has become tradition for the second and seventh grades to prepare and present a Michaelmas play, usually St. George and the Dragon. Another tradition is the children playing games during the festival which require feats of skill and courage. Classes may make dragon bread. The eating of dragon bread symbolizes both the overcoming of the dragon and the assimilation into our own beings the wisdom and power of the natural world. Our Michaelmas celebration evolves from year to year as we strive to make it a meaningful and living experience for all our students, young and old."

Is that awesome or what? I can hardly believe our principle said that. It's just beautiful.

May we all be blessed with strength and courage and a bountiful harvest. Happy Autumn!


moosh in indy. said...

Who knew Autumn could be so cool? I loved it already because it's sweater weather.

Jen M. said...

Sigh. Yay for Autumn and double yay for our kids' school!