Monday, October 29, 2007

Poopy Mondays

I have a friend who graciously babysits my youngest child for me every Monday so that I may attend my Adult Ballet class.

Every Monday.

Every single Monday.

Every Monday my daughter poops in her pants while she is over at my friend's house.

Every single Monday.

I am not even going to remind you how old this child is, but trust me, she is too old to poop in her pants.

Every Monday she gets to wear my friend's daughter's clothes home. Every Monday she gets to take a refreshing shower at my friend's home. Every Monday I get to go home with a bag full of poopy clothing.

Every single Monday.

In case you're wondering, yes, my friend does have a toilet. She has, I think, five of them. It's a big house, but no matter where you are in there, you're bound to hit a bathroom.

Anyone interested in babysitting for me next Monday?

Didn't think so.



Family Adventure said...

And that's how you know that you have a TRULY good friend :)

But is it that your little one loves her friend's clothing? There's got to be a logical explanation, no?


Mary Alice said...

Certain places just cause some people to have a is some sort of stress reaction...especially large places, stores stadiums etc. I remember reading about this phenomena some place. Anyway both my son and his friend had that reaction every single time they went to Wal-Mart when they were little. Now we refuse to shop there anyway, so the problem is solved!

Crystal said...

You could try to have her wear a pull up? They come in pretty big sizes. It would at least minimize the mess for your friend to clean up.
Maybe she is just so relaxed there she can't help herself. LOL. Or I am guessing she just likes the clothes and shower.

Jenny from Chicago said...

I feel the same way at some of my friend's houses.

Sue said...

Ha! That's a good friend.

Mrs. G. said...

Babysitting? Monday? Um, I have to wash my hair.

Buy your friend some flowers.

Jen M. said...

Oooh! What Mrs. G said ;)

My kids have done SO MANY things that involve body fluids or some other staining agent at other people's homes that I fear karma is knocking on my door ;)