Thursday, October 25, 2007

Philanthropy Thursday

Finally, an idea from O and J.

It's a simple thing and may not even be appreciated, but since they came up with it on their own, we're going for it.

Last night at dinner, we got on the topic of a family at school that doesn't seem to have a lot of money. I'm not sure, but it seems like the parents are divorced, and the kids are always showing up to school all disheveled looking. The kids in this family always, always carry their lunches in grocery bags. Not the little paper bags that you buy intentionally for lunches, but the larger paper bags you get when you buy groceries. The dad does work for a grocery store (we have seen him there) and the way the lunches are thrown together (we've seen the contents on field trips and class parties), it really seems like he grabs whatever is dented or free to employees of the grocery store, throws them into a sack, and sends the kids off to school.

I have no idea how we got to discussing this family, but all of a sudden one of the girls says proudly, "I have an idea! We could give them our lunchboxes!" Both girls immediately thought it was the best idea since sliced bread and went on to discuss who would get what lunch box. They each have at least three each and the boxes they've decided to give away are practically brand new.

So today at school we'll give our gifts. Let's hope they are well-received and no one is offended.


Family Adventure said...

That is a lovely idea. I, too, hope that they are well-received. You'll have to let us know.

- Heidi

Family Adventure said...

That is a lovely idea. I, too, hope that they are well-received. You'll have to let us know.

- Heidi

Mary Alice said...

That is the sweetest idea. Your girls are so wonderfully thoughtful. I am confident that you will figure out a way to accomplish this mission without making the family feel awkward.

Thank you for the note about my new format. I am so glad I was able to make page loading easier for people. I'm still not sure why the other one was such a bear, but anyway, yea, it's faster now!

Mrs. G. said...

Very cool.

painted maypole said...

ooo... let us know how the gift went! (I clicked over here from Mary Alice's site)

Katrina said...

That is so sweet of your girls! I hope that they were received well.

Jen M. said...

What a great, GREAT idea!

Sue said...

I love this idea. I actually think there SHOULD be a Philanthropy Thursday, where we have the kids engage in service once a week. What a great idea. What really, really sweet kids.