Sunday, October 7, 2007

Do It Yourself

I promised my husband that I would "re-do" his office as a birthday present. I ordered a new desk, bought lamps, a new desk chair, a couple of bookshelves, a comfy leather chair, and had planned to paint, hang his diplomas (finally), and actually decorate the room. Big plans.

A friend ageed to come over to help me paint while my hubby was at work. She later had to change her plans but said she could watch my kids for me while I painted.

My response? "Oh no, I wouldn't tackle something like that myself."

What?!?! I couldn't believe my own ears as the words were escaping my mouth. Had I gone soft? Didn't I just tell Mary Alice that military wives and medical wives were similar in our ability to "do it all?" Didn't I even say that I'd be pissed off if I came home and found my husband doing laundry? Didn't I say that if my husband said something like "we need to de-clutter" that I wouldn't even remotely find that sexy? rather, I'd be extremely irritated and feel like I wasn't effectively holding down the fort while he was gone?

I shocked myself that I had uttered those words. It's true that an extrovert, such as myself, finds strength in numbers, and that we literally find our energy in relationship to others, and that normally, all things being equal, I wouldn't tackle a project like that myself. I need another adult present so that I can muster the motivation to do it. But "single parenthood" has taught me a lot, and my self-reliance has been my strength, so I sucked it up and started painting the room myself.

It was boring for sure, but I did it anyway.

All by myself.

And dang it, it looks good!

And this morning, my girls greeted Daddy by saying we had a surprise for him. They even blindfolded him so that we could lead him to his "new" office. So that he could say, "Dang, this looks awesome! Thank you!"


Crystal said...

Good Job!! Post a picture so we can see your hard work.

Jen M. said...

You are amazing. I'm telling you - for a Catholic girl, there is a lot of that Protestant work ethic in ya! ;)

Mary Alice said...

Well, good for you. What a wonderful gift. Your hubby must have been thrilled. Of course it would have been fun to do with a friend and a bottle or two of some lovely wine...but probably solo and stone cold sober helped with even rolling and neat top edges abutting the ceiling. What is the color named? Have I mentioned that I have a thing for the names of colors? That would be my ideal job – coming up with new names for paint colors each season. Well, that and naming peoples babies for them…I would like to be the old wise woman that the village brings the baby to, to be named and blessed. Yeah, that would be my ultimate job!