Monday, October 15, 2007

What Will You Do ALL Day?

I'm so sick of this question. What SAHM isn't? Next year J will be in school ALL day. As if it's really ALL day. Hmm. My kids' school day goes from 8:30 to 3:00.

Anyone know of a full time job that starts after that and ends before? Preferably one with benefits and that pays really well?

Since I'm so sick of this question, I decided to start keeping a journal of all the c--- I do around here. All that stuff that fills ALL that time. The ludicrous amount of multitasking that goes on in my life.

By the way, this year J is still only in school until 11:30. By the time I get out of there, walking her into the classroom and everything, it's 9:00. Whoo hoo! A whopping 2 1/2 hours!

Besides, why do I have to know how I'm going to spend ALL that time next year when I don't even have that time yet? That's like spending the money before you make it. No one would praise me for charging up my credit cards before we earn the money---why would they praise me for filling all my time before I've even wallowed in the luxury of it? Wouldn't it be nice to actually have some time and then decide, "Hmm. I'm a bit bored. Maybe I should add some things to my life?" Wouldn't that be a better approach?

But no, people want to know how I'll fill ALL that time. Shit, people have been asking me for about 3 years now how I plan to fill ALL that time. Three years ago. When J was 2! I felt the pressure to start figuring that out. Hence the nursing classes. Sigh.

So I'm starting a journal today. Just to keep track of all my time. To keep track of the varied and crazy crap I do on a regular basis. It's nothing earth-shattering, and it's not saving any lives (my dh takes care of that department), but I can tell you this, it sure takes up a lot of time.


Crystal said...

You know, those 6.5 hours Madeline is in school absolutely flies by. I feel like I drop her off, sit down and work for an hour next thing I know it is time to make lunch. Then I clean up lunch and the kitchen, put Amelia down for a nap, squeeze in another hour and a half of work, wake up Amelia, then we walk to school to pick up Madeline. I have no idea how that equals 6.5 hours.

Family Adventure said...

We've all been there. I secretly hoped for a bit of boredom when my youngest started full time school. Thought it might be nice to actually watch a bit of TV. But you know what - the time FLIES by. It really does.
I say, ignore 'em all. And enjoy it!


Lisa said...

Just tell them you're going to sit on your couch, watch all of the soaps & eat bon bons. Then give them a big, fat grin! They deserve to feel stupid!!!

Katrina said...

What they really mean many committees, PTO groups can you join and I know you'll bake that 3 dozen cupcakes for the bake sale because what else would you be doing and I just can't because I woorrrrrrrk! Bah.