Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Select A Candidate

I went online and took this interesting quiz. You've probably seen ones like it before. You answer some questions about your positions on national issues and then they tell you which presidential candidate mostly closely shares your views.

Check it out----Select a Candidate
I was not surprised by my answer although there's no way in hell I'll vote for him.
Hmm. Wonder who I will vote for.....

Actually, I still haven't decided between her and him.....(I'm from Chicago after all)

Truthfully, my ideal ticket would include them both with Obama as the VP. Or maybe Hillary and this guy....

Hmm. I guess it's a good thing the primaries are still a few months away!
And just in case you happen to be in this category, please follow this link----

Okay, that's enough political activism for one day! (and enough links!)


Jen M. said...

Oh, you will come around to the side of truth. Because I know that you want affordable healthcare for all, a return of the middle class, justice for women, a redemption of our nation's reputation in the global community and a voice of hope, Hillary and I will be waiting for you. With open arms.

Mary Alice said...

My Mama is in love with Obama! I remember watching Obama speak at the National Convention and thinking...that man will be President one day.