Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catching Up

Sometimes I feel like the friend who calls you and says, "Oh man, I'm late for my period. I hope I'm not pregnant." And then you never get a chance to call her and say, "Well, did you get your period yet?"

That is, I tell you things about my life, and then we have no chance to follow-up later. So, I'm doing that here.

(1) I've temporarily given up my quest for places to live in Chicago. I'm not feeling very homesick at the moment. Plus, DH has a potential job offer right here, an awesome job offer. Keep your fingers crossed, pray for us, all that jazz, please! We're going to Chicago for Christmas though, so my thoughts on staying put may change. We'll see.

(2) I still believe my friend was having an affair. I have good sources who have confirmed that she was. I am confident it is no longer happening because the guy in question moved to another state. She still has not told me the truth and I'm still very uncomfortable around her.

(3) O is doing much better in school. We've met with absolutely everyone at her school---counselor, OT, special ed director, both teachers, etc., and have developed a reward system to shape her behavior at school. It totally works! She seems to be thriving. You can read about that here, here, and here.

(4) Things are still not any better with the person who let us down as told about in this post. I've decided to move on and am relying on others for the support our family needs. This is easier said than done for my DH for reasons I will not specify here so he is still having a tough time with it.

(5) The worst day of my husband's career is still an ongoing issue. The mother of the stillborn child has chosen to sue the hospital where my dh works. Apparently, she had gone in on the weekend between her prenatal visits with a fever. My DH saw her on two consecutive Thursdays and in between she went into the ER complaining of a fever and was seen by a different physician. That night, her baby had a heartbeat. That was the last time her baby was known to be alive. Was there something the hospital staff could have done? We do not know. Now it is time for the attorneys to decide. Fortunately, my DH is not named in the lawsuit.

(6) I have solidified my choice for president. It was really a pretty easy decision and the way I have been leaning all along. I choose Hillary. I believe she has the best chance of getting it done in Washington. Obama is a bit too inexperienced and not quite politically astute enough to get the job done were he to be elected. He'd make an excellent VP and I wonder if either of their egos would allow that to happen? hmm.

(7) My class is going well. So far I have received an A on every exam despite having to memorize things like this, and having to overcome some serious obstacles like this.

(8) We still haven't purchased an iPod, but I have reason to believe Santa might be generous this year. You can read about my desire to have one here, and here.

(9) We took J to the doctor because her Poopy Mondays had begun to extend into other days of the week. The pediatrician believes J is suffering from constipation and of course wanted to prescribe medication. Ugh. Doctors! Fortunately, my DH, also a doctor, quickly suggested to her that we start with some diet changes first. Duh. The pediatrician agreed and now we're adding flax seed oil to everything and eating a lot of beans!

(10) I still have not figured out the problem with my Dyson. I have considered taking Marie's advice and forwarding my post to Dyson with the hope that they would send me a new one. I have yet to do that. I tried cleaning it as Mrs G. suggested but with no better luck. I am still loving the Bissell however and have since scrubbed every stitch of carpet in this place. My carpets are gorgeous! but not thanks to my precious Dyson. Sigh.

I think that catches us up. Let me know if there are things you are wondering about that I haven't addressed.

p.s. In case you were wondering, I'm not pregnant!


Mrs. G. said...

Wow, you covered a lot here. I am glad that you and yours seem to be in a healthy happy place. I am sorry to hear that the Dyson cleaning did not yield you successful results. As much as these suckers cost, I'd start calling the company and asking for help...can't hurt anything. Send a picture of you weeping on the floor in front of the vacuum with the girls attending you...don't the British like drama? Have a nice weekend. Thanks for the update.

Crystal said...

Wow, that was a great update.
1. Home is where you heart is.
2. You are in a tough spot. I too would find this hard and awkward.
3. Yea O! Good Job Momma too.
4. Why is it that that one person who lets us down always seems so much bigger than all of those people who raise us up. It is hard to keep it in perspective.
5. That is so sad. I am sure her pain is just begging for an answer and someone to blame.
6. Go Hillary! I too would love to see a Clinton/Obama ticket but I think that is probably not going to happen.
7. Way to go smartie smart pants!
8. I heart my ipod. If I was getting a new one I would get the pretty new red one that is out now. Tell Santa to order it online so you can have it engraved.
9. You can always bake up some prune brownies. Dump a jar or two of prune baby food into the brownie mix then add less oil. Just like the old applesauce-oil switch out.
10. I heart my Dyson too. Although I fear that if I ran a carpet cleaner over my rugs I too would end up with all kinds of muck and a rug two shades lighter tan.

OK - we are all caught up now. :)

Sue said...

Wow, I know a lot more about you now that I've read those other posts. Yay! My heart went out to you with the friend (well, apparently not really) who was so cold. Definitely not your loss there. Some people are not worth the drama.

Family Adventure said...

This was a *great* idea. You are so right, we read about a part of someone's life and then never, ever get a follow up. I have, on occasion, asked for news, but I always feel awkward doing so. Like I'm not sure the blogger *wants* to write about it!
I'm glad your hubster is not mentioned in the lawsuit. Awful all around.
And also glad that O is doing fine at school. But maternal worry - does it ever end?!


Lisa said...

Talk about good reading....wowzers! I just had to go back to all of the posts you mentioned. What an uncomfortable situation with your friend, my heart broke for your husband and that poor, poor woman who didn't get to meet her baby alive. Can you even imagine? Women who are complaining at the end of their pregnancy need to read that & realize how wonderfully blessed they are to have a LIVING baby inside! Also, kudos to you for doing everything in your power to make O's school experience the best it can be. The world needs more parents like you and whoever was insensative to your needs - sorry for their ignorance! Also, I've been able to see all of the democratic candidates. I just saw Barack last Wednesday & was able to see everyone else in a debate back in September. I'm still undecided...AND, last but not least, my Goosey (who has the same name as your J...funny!) also has poopy problems. We've found a sticker chart to work wonders, as well as mirolax. We can't add enough fiber to the poor kids diet!
Alright - enough for now! I'm adding you to my list of sites I like to read!!!
Happy Monday!

Jen M. said...

Excellent update ;)