Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Love My Kids

When I was a kid, I was allowed to eat anything and everything. I grew up on Twinkies, HoHos, Fruit Loops, Snack Pack puddings, fruit cocktail in syrup, Strawberry Quik, Kool-aid, Hi-C, you name it, I was allowed to eat and drink it.

Not just allowed, I was encouraged to eat it. We had everything in our cupboards. We were the envy of the town. We had Suzi Q's, Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, Cheetos, Fritos, and Hostess Cupcakes.

That's right, my friends, we were the envy of the town.

My kids? They are seriously deprived. Every single food item I mentioned above, they have never tried.


So last week, in another one of my diet-deprived moods, I started talking with my girls about the things I had when I was a kid that they have never tried.

And I promised to buy them a Twinkie so they could try one. They were thrilled. On several occasions since then, they have asked me, "What was the name of that food you ate when you were a kid?"

"Twinkie," I told them.

They were intrigued. They wanted to taste this elusive treat that only I had had the privilege of tasting.

So, yesterday, I bought them some Twinkies. Just a two pack. I was drooling just looking at them.

Oooh, they used to be my favorite. But I haven't had one in, oh, about 25 years. I had visions of my girls loving me forever since I allowed them to share in this unbelievable treat.

And guess what?

They didn't like them.

I mean, they didn't gag or anything while eating them (like O does when we make her eat vegetables she doesn't like), but they didn't even want to finish them.

Can you imagine?

They didn't even want to finish a Twinkie?

A Twinkie is not that big afterall. I could eat one in about, oh, one bite.

But no. They were not that interested.


Does this mean all that healthy food I've been exposing them to, because, let's face it, half the time they don't eat it, does this mean that all the food I've been preparing for them, all the meals I've been presenting to them, does this mean all this has paid off? Does this mean that they actually prefer "real food" to food that's been shelf-lifed to last through a nuclear holocaust?

Oh my stars.

I love my kids.

And I must be doing something right.

Pat on the back. Sigh of relief.


Crystal said...

Tonight I had a Pampered Chef party. We made a Taffy Apple Cookie with sugar cookie crust and peanut butter frosting with apples and caramel. My kids got a piece and only ate off the apples. Then they both polished off all the fruit from the fruit tray when the guests left.
They rarely get cookies, but do like them, they always get fruit, but LOVE it. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am.
I guess we are doing something right, which is nice to know sometimes. :)

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Isn't that lovely? I also love that I can throw away most of their Halloween/Valentine's Day/Easter candy and they do not even notice.

Kristen said...

Awesome job! Looks like all of the forcing of veggies is paying off.

I hope it pays off for me too!

the dragonfly said...

My eight month old did get a cookie once (a Girl Scout shortbread cookie, so nothing super packed with sugar and chocolate or anything) and he did like it. But his favorite foods? Sweet potatoes and peas. Woo hoo!

Lisa said...

Kudos to you! It sounds like you are doing a lot of things right for your sweet ladies. I would have wolfed that other twinkie down right along with you.
Hubby & I grew up very differently. At my house we had all that yummy stuff, but in moderation. We always had healthy choices as well. Hubby's mom didn't have any of that stuff in the house. Ever. Hubby said when he would go over to a friends house he would gorge himself on "junk" because he could & because it was forbidden. He's ended up fit, and I think he's a hottie, so it's all good. However, his brother, who is an awesome person, ended up being extremely obese & has struggled with his weight (he is doing better now) for much of his life. I'm sure there are several reasons he is that way, but he will say that he started eating tons of crap when he was away from home because he could. My point? Sometimes I think letting a little of that stuff be available takes some of the forbidden thrill away?!?! We usually have at least one sugar cereal in our pantry (I did grow up on that stuff, you know - and Cookie Crisp is only 2 points) and the girls will almost always choose the healthy cereal. They pick the bread with flax seed over any other bread, and the amount of money I spend on fresh fruit weekly is crazy.
Just my two cents. Sorry the post got so long....
I'm going to go have a bowl of sugary cereal now. And maybe a twinkie later!!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like my son. I love it.

painted maypole said...

so, did you finish the twinkie for them?
now i am craving one, too.

Catherine said...

What a great post! (I'm here for the first time via Painted Maypole). I was raised with no-junk food, or at least only once a year. And I have to say, I can't stand it now either. I've found that when you are used to gross food, you like it; but when you take a long break from it, you can't go back. At least, for me.

I love your blog tag line too. Nice to "meet" you!

Family Adventure said...

Good work, mommy! :)


Ann(ie) said...

That rocks. Nicely done, Mom.

Now pass me that twinkie that they left behind. ;)

Ann(ie) said...
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Lisa said...

YEAY for you. Yes, looks like it is paying off.

myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

I think I'm doing something right, too. My 2-year-old hasn't bitten anyone in DAYS!

Not really quite the same, but it's all I got :-)