Friday, February 1, 2008

5 Things Meme

Crystal over at My Family Gossip tagged me for a meme. I am to list 5 material things that I want and 5 spiritual/meaningful things that I want.

Five Material Things---
1. To complete the renovation of our family room. Lack of money or rather the amount of money we're paying out to Uncle Sam soon, has delayed our project. Eventually, it will be painted, new blinds will arrive, built-in bookcases will be installed, and I will have a new desk. We do already have the new sofa and chair and they are wonderful!

2. To fix the bumper on my car. It's the leftover from my accident. The insurance company has given us a check, it's just a matter of getting it into the body shop and I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I drive too much to be without my car for even a day!

3. To drop the 19 pounds I feel I need to lose. Read about my trials and tribulations, and those of others, over at Life on 20 Points a Day.

Honestly, I can't really think of anything else. I do not want for much. I guess we are pretty lucky.

Five Meaningful Things---
1. A new job for my hubby. He's combing the county for a new gig. He is leaving no stone unturned. But we are hoping for a lot---a job with the same or better money, same or better benefits, and considerably less hours. Yes, indeed, we want it all.

2. Health and happiness for my whole family. Sounds corny, yes, but I swear that everytime I blow out birthday candles or throw a penny into a fountain, this is what I wish for.

3. Strong, sensitive, compassionate, generous, loving, happy, and healthy children. More than anything in the universe I want my girls to grow up with these traits.

4. World Peace. Seriously. I'm not going for Miss America over here or anything. I truly want the war in Iraq to end and I want presidential candidates NOT to say things like Guiliani said in his concession speech---"brute strength is the way to peace."

5. For our country to elect our first woman president or our first African-American president. What a wonderful moment that will be!

p.s. I'm posting over at Life On 20 Weight Watchers Points A Day and it's consuming a lot of my thoughts and energy these days. Check out my posts here, here and here.


painted maypole said...

trying to live off of a mere 20 points a day would consume all my energy, too. ;)

Family Adventure said...

I say those are all very worthwhile things to wish for! Good meme!

Heidi :)

Lisa said...

Good wishes!!!
Yes, scrolling Saturday is bringing back old posts....kind of fun :)
I'm starting to count points tomorrow & am planning to post about it later tonight or in the morning. Thanks so much for including me :)

Sue said...

I'm so with you on the job search. Sing it. I hope he gets everything he is looking for.