Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Few Days Off

While I'll miss him tremendously, I'm very much enjoying my few days off. You see, my hubby, my delightful husband, is in San Francisco this week at a conference and in his absence, I get a few days off. It's not that he puts any pressure on me. It's just that he works so hard---to the tune of 90+ hours per week---it's hard not to work hard around him.

You see, I am the perfect wife. The perfect mother too. Of course I am. The laundry is always done. The dishes are always done. Dinner is always on the table at just the right time. The beds are always made. The kids are always to bed on-time having read books, taken a bath, and brushed their teeth.

Seriously. Ask my friends.

But man, do I ever need the occasional day off. Two days? Glorious. Three? Fabulous. And four, well, I'll think I've died and gone to heaven.

So last night, as my hubby flew to SFC, I decided to let the dishes rot in the sink. I even left them to smolder while I watched the latest episode of The Office (on, my recent discovery). And then today, no laundry. Not a single load. Usually, I do a load a day, at least, just to keep caught up. But today, none. And the breakfast dishes sat in the sink the whole day. While I dined out for lunch with a friend and skimmed through books at a bookstore.

I just may even let the dinner dishes rot again tonight. And instead will shower and settle in for a few chapters of Water for Elephants. Maybe even with a glass of wine.

Yeah. I think I like this.


Crystal said...

Yes, it sounds just like you need this cleaning vacation. The dishes will be there tomorrow and so will the laundry. So have that wine!

the dragonfly said...

Sometimes that's necessary! Enjoy your time off. :)

Christine said...

I also have Water For Elephants...good book, especially for wine/tub/bed-time