Thursday, January 3, 2008

So They Burn Cheese in Greece?

As I was tucking my two girls into bed extremely late on the night of December 30th, the conversation went something like this----

Me: Ooooh, I had so much fun with you two today. We did so many fun things today. We woke up early and went ice skating. That was so wonderful. Then we went to see the Nutcracker and it was fabulous. Oh, and we went on a (horse-drawn) carriage ride. That was awesome. Wait. Wasn't there something else?

O: Yeah. We ate in (pause)...what was the name of that town?

Me: Oh yeah. Greektown. We had dinner in Greektown.

O: Greek? Just like the coins I have?

Me: Yes. Just like the coins I brought back from Greece. Yes, just like your coins, the food we ate was Greek, from Greece.

O: (thinking for a moment first) So, they burn cheese in Greece?


Family Adventure said...

Oh, did you have saganaki? I love saganaki! Good call, girls! They burn cheese in Greece! It rhymes. :)


Mrs. G. said...

Those girls don't miss a trick.

Sue said...

tee hee

bermudabluez said...

hahahahaha! Kids...say the funniest things!

painted maypole said...


Mary Alice said...

I love me some burnt cheese.