Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So my girls and I occasionally watch HGTV. You know, the Home and Garden channel. But the thing is, I'm still pretty restrictive with them with TV and so whenever a commercial comes on that I don't want them to see, like the dang diet commericals, I mute it. I think I'm so clever. I think I've shielded my girls from our diet-obsessed culture, that they don't know what they're missing when I hit the mute button.


Apparently, I don't catch everything. Sometimes, for example, I'm up from the couch checking my blog comments and haven't made it back to the TV to catch the inappropriate commercials.

Like today. We're watching Amazing Waterfront Properties and that dang Nutrisystem commercial comes on like every other minute. I mute and then I mute again. But then I slack off a bit. Get comfortable. I get up and come to the computer and J comes running over to me--keep in mind that she's five--she says urgently, "Mom! That losing weight commercial is on again!!" Like, "Quick! Get up and mute it!" Not that the muting works. Obviously. She's gotten the message anyway. Lose weight. Lose weight quickly. It's the Most Important Thing in the Universe.



Family Adventure said...

Yeah...the kids are too smart for us! But I totally agree with you on wanting to shield them from certain commercials. The weight loss stuff, some of the more ridiculous toys. Not to mention the awful news flashes with horrible news stories. Those scare me the most!


Rose Daughter said...

We were watching tv the other day and a commerical for KY Intimate gel came on. I mean you and I know what it's used for, but do we really need to see two people in the shower. How very innapropirate for kids.

painted maypole said...

oh, just buy them an issue of Self and get it over with.


kidding, of course

Jen M. said...

Snort! I love how she knew all along what you were doing.

Smart girl.

That said, right now dieting is consuming my own universe! ;)

Lisa said...

I was thinking of this post last night when my brother in law carelessly said something to Goosey about not eating too much or she'd end up "with a fat belly". I about jumped out of my chair to CHOKE HIM! I shot him a look & immediately said, we don't eat too much because we don't want to get a belly ache. You need to listen to your body. I'm so in agreement with you that our poor little girls need no more exposure to our diet obsessed culture than necessary!