Thursday, January 10, 2008


"Mom!!!" yelled O. "Come look at these!"

I come running, sensing some urgency to her voice, and find that she has lined up several pairs of her new underwear that I just bought for her.

"What's up, honey?" I ask.

"Mom! I really think you could fit into these underwear!" she exclaimed.

"Are you saying you think they are too big for you?" I ask.

"Yes, mom! Don't you think they are humongous?" She asks, with quite a bit of emphasis on the word humongous.

"Well, they do seem big," I replied, noting to myself that these undies were a child's size 6.

"Oh my gosh! They are so humongous! They would definitely fit you! You should try them on Mom. They are humongous!" she cried.


I guess to a child's eyes, I am humongous. Lovely.


jakelliesmom said...

Just yesterday, upon seeing a picture of a gorilla from our zoo's new exhibit, my children agreed that it looked very angry, even more angry than Mommy. Nice.

One day your girls will be begging to share your clothes I bet, and you'll have to let them down easily, reminding them that yours are much too big.

Family Adventure said...

LOL. That's funny!

Heidi :)

Mary Alice said...

Once, when mine were small I had take them with me while I shopped from a holiday party dress. I shimmied in and out of things as my children sat on the little bench behind me. Finally, Little Red removed the sucker from her mouth and remarked thoughtfully:

"you have a REAAAALLLLY big butt Mama"

That's when I stopped taking them shopping.

Candy said...

Yeah, but what is she, 2 feet tall? Everything is relative.

painted maypole said...

yes, but if your humongous is a child's size 6, I can't pity you too much.

Lisa said...

Look at the glass half full - she thinks you're tiny enough to fit into a child's size 6. That's a tiny, tiny tush!
Pretty funny story :)
PS - I'm going to answer some of your caucus questions on your old "Hillary" post!

Lisa said...

Oh those kids. They are good at keeping us moms humble, yes?

P.S. If I had a damn nickle for every time I heard, "Wow, Mom. You have a BIIIIGGGGG BUTT" I'd be a rich woman.

Jenny from Chicago said...

So funny. I once had my underwear compared to bedsheets. I feel your pain.

Jen M. said...

My girls think my undies are a joke, too.

This makes me feel both old AND big!

Mrs. G. said...

Been there and had that said. My ample bosom has suffered more than one creative assessment in the middle of Costco.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL, but STILL---she thinks you can fit into a child size 6!!!! I'd be dancing around with those things on my head!