Sunday, March 16, 2008

Freakin' Freaky

On Friday, O and I went cross-country skiing with her entire 2nd grade class. It was a blast. The kids skied fabulously, and O and I had some wonderful quality time together.

Take this conversation, for example---

O: (struggling to get back up after a fall) Oh, this freakin' ski!

Me: O, you can't use that word.

O: What word?

Me: Freakin'.

O: Why?

Me: Well, because it's a bad word, or rather, it means a bad word.

O: I don't get it. I hear you say "freakin'."

Me: No. I say "freaking," like "I'm freaking out over here."

O: What's the difference?

Me: Well, it's okay to say "freaking out" but it's not okay to say "freakin' ski."

O: Why? What's the bad word that freakin' means?

Me: Oh, you know. That other bad "f" word.

O: What word?

Me: Oh, let's just please forget we had this conversation!

Later, that very same day, I overhear my children have this lovely conversation---

J: Oh, this freakin' pillow!

O: You can't say that.

J: Say what?

O: You can't say "freakin'." Mom said so.

J: Why?

O: Because it means a bad "f" word.

J: What does it mean?

O: I don't know. I think it means "friggin'." And you're not allowed to say "friggin'" either.

Oh my stars! I wanted to hide in the closet!


Family Adventure said...

LOL! I had pretty much the same conversation with B boy a few weeks ago...except he was definitely clued in as to what the other word was. Your girls are too cute.

And yeah for x-country skiing :)


Rose Daughter said...

lol, oh boy, they learn so much when we arn't paying attention. Haven't had to deal with that issue yet.

Glad you had fun cross country skiing.

Ann(ie) said...

hehe....lord help me when my boy starts listening in on our conversations!!

the dragonfly said...

I am desperately trying to "calm" the Sergeant's speech. Unfortunately, when he comes back from Iraq he will have no filter at all, and the Little Mister will be picking up on words a lot more...

O is a funny girl. At least you know she was paying attention!! :)

Lisa said...

How sweet!!! Don't you wish you could keep them that innocent forever???

Crystal said...

Madeline seems to have that "I know I am not allowed to say that word" filter turned on. Amelia however, as soon as she catches on to the fact that there are "bad" words, she is going to be on the look out for how, why, and when to use them. Luckily Jim and I don't use those words around the kids and we haven't slipped too many times. But any time we get around our families my ears are open, and I am sure, so are theirs.

my minivan is faster than yours said...

I'm sitting here laughing. Seriously, just laughing. Although I had a glass of wine and half an Ambien so by all means I'm your target audience tonight!

You, my friend, are a riot!

Lisa said...

Where are you, my friend? I miss you!

painted maypole said...

ha ha ha ha ha

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Lisa said...

The cross country skiing sounds so fun. What a great day. And a good workout.